Folic Acid (a.k.a. folate or folacin):

Well, Folic Acid is vital for pregnant women to ensure the baby’s proper development, helping prevent birth defects in the brain and spine .

No baby on board? Folic acid also helps create most all cells in the body and may reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer .

What You Need:

  • 400 mcg

How to Get It:

  • Look out for fortified grains and cereals (200-400 mcg per cup),
  • Asparagus (134 mcg per 6 spears)
  • Spinach (132 mcg per half cup)
  • Orange juice (83 mcg per cup)
  • Lentils (179 per half cup)

What’s Too Much:

  • 1,000 mcg