Vitamin E:

E is for the Excellent Eight. A family of eight antioxidants, vitamin Eprotects essential lipids from damage, battles free radicals, and maintains the integrity of cell membranes. Drop some E (the vitamin!) to avoid impaired balance and coordination, muscle weakness, and pain and numbness in the limbs all signs of extreme deficiency. Think you’re in the clear?

Turns out that more than 90 percent of Americans do not meet the recommendations for this vitamin’s daily intake.

What You Need:

  • 15 mg

How to Get It:

  • Close the gap with vegetable oils like olive oil (1.9 mg per tablespoon)
  • canola oil (2.4 mg per tablespoon)
  • almonds (7.4 mg per ounce)
  • avocados (2.7 mg per avocado)
  • hazelnuts (4.3 mg per ounce)

What’s Too Much:

  • 1,000 mg