How To Breathe Easier

If you are one of those unlucky people with sleep Apnea, you are about 80% more likely to feel sluggish during the day, no matter how many hours you sleep.

How It Happens

The condition occurs when the soft issue at the back of your throat blocks your airway during sleep, stopping your breathing and waking your up as many as hundreds of times a night

Imagine how exhausted you’d feel if someone were constantly poking you a wake Apnea deprives your brain of oxygen increases your heart rate and saps your energy levels.

Two common signs of Apnea

  • loud snoring
  • more seriously waking up to the feeling that you are choking

If you experience either of these symptoms visit your doctor and start sleeping on your side instead of your back with your head propped up on two or three pillows.

though it want cure sleep Apnea using a neti pot i.e.

A ceramic vessel used to flush sinuses with a salt/water solution daily can make breathing easier