You may have chrome wheels, but do you have chromium-dense meals? Though this trace mineral is thought to enhance insulin activity and the breakdown of the sugars that we eat, it’s only needed in small amounts and is not considered “essential” .

Though some chromium supplements tout muscle building and weight loss benefits, there is no solid research evidence that backs up the claims . In fact, over-consumption of chromium supplements could cause kidney damage. So shelf the supplement and try an experimenter instead for rock-hard abs.

What You Need:

  • Men = 35 mcg
  • Women = 25 mcg

How to Get It:

  • There’s heavy metal (chromium metal, that is) in broccoli (22 mcg per cup)
  • grape juice (7.5 mcg per cup)
  • and whole-wheat products like wholewheat
  • frozen waffles (6.7 mcg per waffle) or wholewheat
  • English muffins (3.6 mcg per muffin)

What’s Too Much:

  • Not determined