Hailing from the Greek word for magic, manganese can be a double-edged sword. Though an essential trace mineral and antioxidant, it is also potentially toxic in excess. Important for energy, bone development, and wound healing, overindulgence of this magic mineral usually a result of water contamination may cause a dip in intellectual function.

What You Need:

  • Men = 2.3 mg
  • Women = 1.8 mg

How to Get It:

  • Get a limited portion of this potion with pineapples (0.77 mg per half cup)
  • pecans (1.28 mg per ounce)
  • oatmeal (0.99 mg per instant oatmeal packet)
  • brown rice (1.07 mg per half cup)
  • green tea (0.41-1.58 mg per cup)

What’s Too Much:

  • 11 mg