Everyone has that kind of friend who always speaks the weirdest Info about diet and convinces you of it and is always an expert in diet and nutrition. This article aims to put an end to many wrong beliefs and we will speak about many topics that we face in our lives every day and people advice it all the time though it is not right.

We will start with the fact that Milk is not the only source of Calcium to our bones since many pieces of research stated that milk is not the only option to improve our calcium levels in bones after puberty and is not absorbed the best while the best Source of absorbed calcium is the leeks (aka koraat in Arabic) as the amount of Calcium in leeks in proportion to other minerals is equal to that in human bones so the absorption is almost 100% so we should eat it more often and add it to the salad plate.

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The second Myth is that eating grilled protein Sources frequently and boiled vegetables are good for health and diet regimen which, on The Contrary, holds many unwanted effects on health as grilled meat or poultry contains CO (carbon mono oxide) from the coal which is Carcinogenic and so when eating too much it is bad to health as smoking while boiling or steaming vegetables deprives if from all the potassium which is good for blood vessels and regulates blood pressure and when it is deficient if causes night Cramps so we should eat grilled meat and steamed vegetables only once a week.

Last but not least we will talk about water intake The amount of water sufficient for everyone is dependent on body weight and Calculated according to a Certain equation but to make it easier we Can say that every 30 kg of body weight needs one liter of water to help regulate metabolism, carryout the fat metabolism wastes to be excreted and Keeps us hydrated which helps control appetite and preserve our skin health. How we drink water is what matters we should drink one glass every hour or according to body weight we can increase the interval up to every 2 hours to avoid indigestion and start with a glass in the early morning right after waking up and end with a glass before going to sleep. Hope you found this information useful and amusing next time we will talk about 5 tips to have a healthy diet and lose weight without effort or depriving ourselves.