happy 2017, happy valentine & happy birthday to me. All summed
up in this issue covering its three months in market .

Growing older – we all do it. How we grow older successfully is debatable. There are many theories that have been hypothesized about this life transition. The aging theory, I’m assuming everyone wants to age well. That’s the dream of having the ultimate health at your 70’s. Flip to page ( 44 ) to get an idea of how a human body ages & how to slow the process. In order to do this you need to show some self love, there is this quote which resonated with me “ love yourself first and everything else falls into line “ I think that advice is particularly relevant in February for Valentine’s month . But instead of focusing solely on romantic love consider those 29 days to develop more of a crush on yourself .

Start practicing more of our meditation dose page ( 56 ) a simple natural effortless technique for self development .

Soon flying to Dubai for the annual Arab Health Exhibition, so excited that I’ll be able to bring and feature in our next edition all the health news, techniques & medications they have to offer. Stay tuned . This issue is designed to help you focus with your selves & more importantly to give your health the love and care it deserves.


Now enjoy your read .
Lots of love

Dalia Ismail El-Taieb
Founder & CEO