Mineral Sulfur Springs

Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral and soaking in sulfur springs water, though it has the inescapable and unpleasant smell, traces its roots to ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Sulfur springs are located across the globe and have long been popular methods of early hydrotherapy – the use of water for healing purposes.

Studies in Japan, the Mid-East, and throughout Europe have shown that soaking in sulfur water can help kill germs and viruses in and on the skin including psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections, though these are not cures, only therapies. Known as balneotherapy, (the term ‘balneo’ comes from the Latin word for bath and means soaking in thermal/mineral waters) or medical hydrology,

Why its a treatment?

The interest in non-pharmacological, complementary and alternative methods of treatments are growing. There is a strong desire for non-invasive and natural ways to treat certain medical issues and sulfur springs can be a compliment to your regimen with less cost than medications and literally no side effects, with the probable exception that you’ll simply feel better. Soaking in water, sulfur or otherwise, increases hydrostatic pressure on your body – that compacted pressure you feel when underwater – and what that means is that it increases blood circulation which can improve nourishment to your vital organs, and that soak can aid with removing toxins from our bodies, similar to soaking in your bathtub using Epsom salts. What you don’t want to do is drink sulfur water as that can cause excessive diarrhea, which can lead possibly to dehydration.